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Robust, reliable
and suitable for
heavy-duty pumps

Our submersible pumps are designed to fulfill the most demanding tasks, such as drainage of sewage, liquids containing solid material of substantial size and abrasive slurries. The solidity of the machine is one of the key features of these pumps which often have to work in harsh environments and in difficult conditions. The quality of materials with which the components of our electric submersible pumps are made can guarantee reliability and durability year after year.

A model of submersible pump for every employment

For a always reliable pumping in all conditions and with any kind of liquid, you need a submersible pump specific for each environment (construction sites, mines, sewage, construction works, home environment).A proper sizing of the pump ensures the ability to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. To satisfy many demands, the models of submersible electropumps differ mainly according to the materials of the components, the type of impeller and the different characteristics of flow rate and head.
FOR DOMESTIC USE Garage and basement.
Sumps and drain underground wells.
Pools and gardens.
FOR CIVIL USE Discharges of congregate housing, condominiums, resorts and residential complexes.
Connection to sewerage.
Populated public spaces and gardens.
FOR INDUSTRIAL USE Industrial wastewater discharges management.
Safety and operating machinery.
AND TREATMENT Bodies of public administration, municipalities and provinces.
AND YARDS Construction of tunnels or large excavation.
Mining and quarrying.
More than 40 years of continuous evolution to offer you the best solution for water drainage

Technological research and innovation in the field of submersible pumps

To predict accurately the behaviour of flows is essential for the design of reliable pumping systems and of submersible pumps. Flow rate and head of a pump must be assessed according to the work that it has to fulfil. The ongoing scientific research on the materials that make up the electric pumps and their internal mechanisms allows a continuous improvement in the results, combined with a reduction in consumption. An intuitive representation of the performance of each pump is given by the performance curve of the pump described in each sheet.